WFIL 50Th Anniversary Family Reunion

October 2016

On a personal note, a special thank you to Mel Klawansky for putting this all together. 

 Here are some pictures of a very special night, courtesy of Toosh Kunsaz.

Banana Joe Monitione, Mel Klawansky, Steve Ross & Ron Turner

Just About Everyone!

   Dick Fennessy & K.C. Hill                       Ron Turner & Banana Joe Montione

Special thanks to the Manayunk Brewery for hosting the event, and of course to Mel Klawansky for putting it all together.

After doing this for a number of years, Mel has decided to step aside from the reunion planning. 

Everyone associated with WFIL owes a great deal of gratitude to Mel for keeping us all together for so many years.

Click on any thumbnail  to see the full size image. Enjoy!

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