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In addition to WFIL, Philadelphia was blessed with many other great radio stations.You can't talk about Philly, without the mention of WIBG, the city's first big "rock and roll" radio station. Joe Niagara, Bill Wright Sr., and others, introduced listeners to the likes of Fats Domino, Chubby Checker, and Elvis Presley. WIBG dominated the AM dial for years, until WFIL switched formats, in 1966.The battle lines were set, and the "Pop Explosion" format of WFIL slowly, but surely took over first place, as the music leader in the Delaware Valley.

In the 1970's, WCAU-FM emerged as "Golden 98", becoming the city's first FM oldies station. Jim Nettleton, a voice that had been heard on WFIL for years, made the switch to CAU, and took over as music director, as well as doing an air shift. Oldies never sounded better. Stereo radio was here, marking the beginning of the end for music on the AM band.

In 1975, while WFIL and WIBG were battling for the younger audience, WCAU-FM switched to a "Disco" format. It was time for a new AM oldies station to be born. 95 WPEN, quickly became the oldies leader in the Delaware Valley. Along with a new format, and a new custom JAM jingle package, came a young talent named, Mike St. John. Mike had a natural talent, and became a "true legend" of Philadelphia radio.

In 1981, the Disco craze was gone, and WCAU-FM was searching for a new format. They found it, and in a big way. "Hot Hits" 98, was new, and exciting to Philadelphia listeners. Top 40 was reborn, with the talents of Terry "The Motor-mouth" Young, Billy Burke, Bill O'Brien, and Christy Springfield.

In the late 80's, WIOQ switched formats from "Album Rock", to "Oldies". The station was even using resings of old PAMS jingles, to help with presentation. Unfortunately, WCAU had also decided to change formats, as well, going from playing "Hot Hits" to becoming "Oldies 98" WOGL. The battle between the two stations lasted less than a year, when WIOQ was sold. WIOQ now plays a "CHR" (Contemporary Hit Radio) format. WOGL is now running a format consisting of mostly 80's & 90's music. 


Philadelphia Radio Jingles


"Everybody Who Knows Goes To Melrose"  - 1965 Les Waas Productions.

WPEN - Back Seat Music Jingle Montage

WOGL - FM - Oldies 98.1 Jingle Montage 

WCAU - AM "Ultimate Authority" Excerpt 

WCAU-FM "Hot Hits" Jingle Montage

KYW - Jingle Montage

WIBG - 1963 Christmas Messages
WIBG - Series 18, "Contempo"
WIBG - Series 19, "Bill Wright Sr"
WIBG - Series 20, "Heatwave"
WIBG - Series 26, "Let's Go"
WIBG - Series 27, "TGIF"
WIBG - Series 27, "Action"
WIBG - Series 29, "AM"
WIBG - Series 29, "Go-Go-Team"
WIBG - Series 30, "In Sound, For The In Town"

WIBG Airchecks

September 10, 1977 - The Last 2 Hours (mp3)

Bob Charger - September 1977 (mp3)

WIBG Jingle Montage (mp3)

WCAU - Goldmine, "Where All The Good Songs Have Gone"
WCAU - Goldmine, "Golden 98"
WCAU - Goldmine, "Stereo Rock & Roll"
WCAU - Goldmine, "Best Part Of Your Life"

WIOQ - Series 27 (CPMG Resing) "It's a Blast"
WIOQ - Series 27 (CPMG Resing) "Have Fun"
WIOQ - Series 34 (CPMG Resing) "Mike St. John"

Special Short Thanksgiving Jingle Montage (MP3)


All Jingles are used by permission, by their respectful owners. Les Waas, TM Century 21, JAM Creative Productions & PAMS Productions.

Audio Tributes

Gene Hart passed away on, July 14, 1999. Click here to remember "The Voice Of The Flyers."


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