The WFIL Prize Patrol


(Courtesy Of Gene Vassall)


"Here Comes The  Prize Patrol, Loaded with Summer Love."

 How many times did you check your rearview mirror, looking for a bright, red mustang following you? This was one of the most popular contests on WFIL. If the prize patrol spotted you, and you signaled that you were listening to WFIL, you won a prize! Here is a list of the folks, who were following you.

  • Tom Burton

  • Tom Cassiano

  • Chuck Gagliardi

  • Ken Garrity Jr.

  • Jay Michaels

  • Al Novack

  • Rod Phillips

  • Mike Redman

  • Jim Sacony (Captain Cash 1975-76)

  • Tony Waldrich

  • Herb Weisbaum

  • Click here to listen to some lucky Prize Patrol winners! Maybe one of them is you!

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