Scrapbook - Page 9

Here is another page of photos that many of you have contributed over the last few years. Just click on the "Thumbnail" for the full size image. Enjoy!


WFIL Building B&W 1963-1.jpg (36449 bytes)WFIL FM 1 From Studio-A-1.jpg (23266 bytes)WFIL FM 2-1.jpg (33881 bytes)WFIL FM 3-1.jpg (37013 bytes)WFIL TV Truck 1-1.jpg (40099 bytes)WFIL AM Studio-A.jpg (26251 bytes)


This first 2 sets are from Mel Klawansky. They feature the old WFIL Building at 4100 City Avenue, along with some vintage inside photos of the old WFIL-FM studios. Just click any photo for the full size image.


DSCF0260-1.jpg (35298 bytes)DSCF0249-1.jpg (59330 bytes)DSCF0248-1.jpg (43446 bytes)DSCF0253-1.jpg (43149 bytes)DSCF0476-1.jpg (43760 bytes)DSCF0477A-1.jpg (45101 bytes)

Speaking of the Channel 6 building, here are a group of photos showing the demolition of the old "Concrete Bagel".

The last two photos show what looks like a recreation of the original design. 


 O'Brien.jpg (54464 bytes)

This is from Dave Shayer. We're not sure if Jim is getting or giving the TRAC award from Septa


Chief Halftown arrives in style


hyland 1.jpg (47408 bytes)

News Director Jack Hyland


WFIL BUTTONS2.jpg (19994 bytes)

Buttons anyone???


20th pin.jpg (15880 bytes)

20 Years With You


sweet as candy lp ad.jpg (86490 bytes)

WFIL Sweet As Candy Album Ad


Here are some photos of Dave Parks, courtesy of Wendy Ross Parks and The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia














2 Vintage WFIL T-Shirts!


Special Thanks To Gail Rosen, Of Tucson, Arizona. 

Gail won these from WFIL back in the 60's and was kind enough to donate these shirts to our archives.


Rare Photos of the Late Jerry Donahue

Thanks to former WFIL engineer Frank Hogan, I am proud to feature some rare photos from the past, of former WFIL Production Director, Jerry Donahue.

 With Santa                                          Horn & Hardarts Children's Hour                                            Dick Heatherton, Jerry, Larry Kane & Brother Love        


From WFIL Engineer, Bruce Bottone

GettingSummerTogetherWFIL.jpg (175681 bytes)

Click Picture For Full Image

This is an original 1970 pen and water color painting, created by William Woods for WFIL Radio.


Rare WFIL Picture - 1957

Special Thanks To Harry Smith Of Daytona, Florida For This Contribution  

Banana Joe With John Lennon - 1975 (Autographed to me in 2006)


Remember This??

This was taken by Jim Macino, of Columbia City, Indiana, from a bus in 1967. Jim was on his way to serve in Vietnam.


WFIL Coverage Maps

Thanks to Dave Shayer and Art Wilson for sending these for the website. WFIL was only 5000 Watts!


Gary Hendler - Owner of The Plates!!


Official PA State Holder Of  WFIL & WIBBAGE Tags!!


Frankie Valli At WFIL 1984 - Courtesy of Jay Meyers


Jay Meyers, Frankie Valli, Bruce Holberg & Bill Neal

Thanks to Charlie Mills for this great photo, from the 1968 Philadelphia Inquirer.










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