Scrapbook - Page 5

The Mel Klawansky Collection

Who is this man, you ask? This is Mel Klawansky. Mel was a former engineer at WFIL during it's heyday. That's even where he met his lovely wife, Joyce, who was a WFIL "Boss Chick". How many guys would have loved to marry a Boss Chick?? After leaving WFIL, Mel had many jobs, including working at WCAU-TV, in central control, and at PAX TV 61. which became ION in 2005. Mel retired in 2016. 

He was kind enough to share some of his large Collection Of  WFIL memorabilia with us. 

Click on any photo for a full size image.

WFILsign.jpg (9164 bytes)

Sign From City Avenue Building


1971 Award.jpg (12133 bytes)

1971 Station Of The Year Award


Todaysnewsmusic.jpg (23747 bytes)

Allen Stone & Jim O'Brien


bookcovers.jpg (30529 bytes)

WFIL Bookcovers


Thermometer.jpg (43944 bytes)

WFIL Thermometer


jaycookad.jpg (21939 bytes)

Jay Cook Promo Ad


prizepatrol.jpg (24689 bytes)

Prize Patrol Promo


micflag.jpg (17659 bytes)

WFIL Mic Flag


log.jpg (72978 bytes)

WFIL Master Record List


narcotics.jpg (8299 bytes)\

Narcotics ID Guide???


marajacket.jpg (22596 bytes)

1974 Helping Hand Marathon Jacket


zodiacsigntowel.jpg (18398 bytes)

WFIL Zodiac Towel


summerlovetowel.jpg (26945 bytes)

Summer Of Love Towel


meljacket.jpg (25582 bytes)

Mel's WFIL Jacket


joycejacket.jpg (25858 bytes)

Joyce's Jacket (Mel's Wife, & Former Boss Chick)


shirts1.jpg (24391 bytes)

Some Vintage WFIL T-Shirts


shirts2.jpg (16484 bytes)

Still More Shirts!!


WFILbanner.jpg (11819 bytes)

Banner Used At WFIL Appearances



joyonbus1.jpg (15690 bytes)

"Joyce (Haverdink) Klawansky on the left and Linda Fiorintino on the right". 


bossisbackshirt.jpg (17600 bytes)

Boss Is Back T-Shirt - 1983



86filjocks.jpg (34466 bytes)

1986 reunion at WFIL "The Boss Is Back".  From left, Dr. Don Rose, Dave Parks, Lee Sherwood, Dick Heatherton, Jay Cook, J. J.  Jeffrey, Randy Robins, Brother Lee Love, "Tiny" Tom Tyler, Geoff Richards, Long John Wade and "Banana Joe" Montione.


In addition to what you see here, Mel has a huge collection of scrapbooks, that were originally put together by WFIL office worker Carol Harris, as well as bumper stickers, keychains, the original "Fun-in-the-sun" kit, and even rare slides, that were used as test shots for one of WFIL's Album covers. Indeed, "Famous 56" lives on with Mel's fine collection. Thanks for sharing with Us! 

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