Scrapbook - Page 8 

The Gene Vassall Collection

Thanks to former WFIL General Sales Manager, Gene Vassall for sharing pictures from his personal collection.

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Gene passed away on October 17, 2019. 

Before his passing, he shared a great story with me about his days at WFIL...

"I remember that date (September 18, 1966)  like it was yesterday. Prior to that, the station was on the bottom and I had to sell it with zero numbers.  If you did not know, here is what happened. Walter Annenberg was at a function and someone there mentioned to him precisely  how bad the  programming was at WFIL.  He actually had very little  interest in the AM or FM stations.. The TV was doing superb...and the AM  actually made money. What helped me get a lot of sales? Annenberg also owned the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Daily news, and we were allowed to place ads in both papers."Listen to WFIL for special sale at ACME  this weekend". And I would get clients on TV shows such as Debbie Adams " Features For Women", Connie Roussin  and "Dialing For Dollars". Then the TV stars would make appearances for me. Sally Starr, Chief Halftown, Larry Ferrari, Happy the Clown and Wee Willie Webber.  Anyway, Annenberg was offended by the remark about the poor programming. He called Roger Clipp and ordered  him to do something. Clipp talked to our National Rep, The Blair  Co. They  recommended a Program Consultant named Michael  Joseph. Michael  Joseph came in, did a study of the market and determined that the only format was ROCK. He said WIBG was too sloppy and loose and could be knocked off. He also interviewed the AM  station manager, sales manager and all 8 of the AM salesmen, to determine if they could adjust to ROCK music. He fired the station manager, Gene McCurdy, the sales manager,  Hal Simmonds, the program director and 5 of the salesmen. He kept Tom Monaghan, John Barbieri and myself.  He had me moved up to General Sales Manager. Our first full year we did 3 million in profit, and I was on an override and made $107,000.00. The next two years were even better, until DeCaro stumbled on my income and cut me back. But I made up the difference by increasing sales."




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