The WFIL News Team

WFIL News! This was a signal, that some of the best voices in radio news, were about to take to the airwaves. See how many you remember.


  • Glenn Barton
  • Randy Brock
  • Matt Brenner
  • Tony Bruno
  • Barbara Campbell
  • Gene Dillard
  • Paul Henderson
  • Jack Hyland
  • Larry Kane
  • Ginny Kosola
  • Laurie Lipton
  • Fred Lowery
  • Harold McCoo
  • Ira Mellman
  • Larry Mendte
  • Steve Nikazy
  • Dave Racher
  • Art Sando
  • Sandy Starobin
  • Mike Strug
  • And of course, the voice we remember the most,

    Allen Stone

    Click here to listen to a montage of News elements, and voices from WFIL.

    Here's More From Allen Stone

    From 1966

      From 1969 

    (1969 Aircheck Courtesy Of The Broadcast Pioneers Of Philadelphia)

    From 1983

    From 1986

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