The WFIL Engineers


What is an engineer? What do they do? The answer is simple. Everything! They are the "behind the scene stars" of a radio station. WFIL was blessed with the best in radio. Here are their names...


  • Roy Akins
  • G T Bellamy
  • Chuck Benner
  • Wayne Brooks
  • Stu Bulman
  • Bruce Buttone
  • Jim Carr
  • Steve Drucker
  • Howard Eskin
  • Joe Gallagher
  • Earl Goodman
  • Alan Handley
  • Frank Hogan
  • Ralph Hornberger
  • Mel Klawansky
  • Steve Kurtz
  • Ray McCloy
  • Jeff Means
  • Fred Moore
  • Bruce Northwood
  • Mike Ofsonka
  • Mort Palestine
  • Bill Rinier
  • Glenn Rosenbloom
  • Terry Skelton
  • John Tobin

    In addition, there are a few folks that I must mention. First is Tony Macrie. Tony worked for WFIL from 1971 until 1982. Tony provided just about all of the mobile / remote "live" sound production for WFIL. This included, but was certainly not limited to, Happy Hours, Great Balloon Races, Old Newsboy Days, Miss Great Adventure Pageants, Helping Hand Marathons, WFIL Christmas Parties numerous public relations events at regional malls, shopping centers, car dealerships, restaurants, high school dances, clubs, lounges, etc., etc. throughout the tri-state area. Tony provided the equipment, WFIL provided the Boss Jocks. Thanks, Tony!!!!


    Tony Mann & Tony Macrie 1979



    Another important part of the WFIL family was Jerry Donahue. Jerry was production director, at WFIL, for over 30 years. He helped to make WFIL, into one of the greatest stations ever! 

    Jerry passed away, on February 24, 2002. 

    We still miss you!!!!




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