The WFIL Boss Jocks

The jocks at WFIL, were the best in the business. Their voices, will forever live inside each of us, that remember "Famous 56."  Here they are!  

  • Bob Allen
  • George Benson
  • Chuck Browning
  • Dennis John Cahill
  • Don Cannon
  • Chris Chandler
  • Eddie Coyle
  • Jay Cook
  • Mike Crossan
  • Joel Denver
  • Dan Donovan
  • Tom Dooley
  • Dick Fennessy
  • Bob Gross
  • Dick Heatherton
  • K.C. Hill
  • J.J. Jeffrey
  • Chuck Knapp
  • Brother Love
  • Tony Mann
  • Kevin McCarthy
  • George Michael
  • Bobby Mitchell 
  • Banana Joe Montione
  • Jim Nettleton
  • Joe Niagara
  • Paul Norton
  • Jim O'Brien (Special Tribute Page)
  • "Big" Ron O' Brien
  • Mack Owens
  • Dave Parks
  • Randy Robins
  • Joey Reynolds
  • Geoff Richards
  • Dr. Don Rose
  • Steve Ross
  • Joe Simone
  • Frank Kingston Smith
  • Barbara Sommers
  • Tom Tyler
  • Long John Wade
  • Doug Weldon

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